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What is a Virus? A Virus or Computer Virus is a self-replicating program or piece of script or code that make copies of itself and then either attaches itself to an existing file on the infected system or stores copies of itself on the system with harmless sounding names like 'system tools'.

  • Infiltrate a users computer system without their consent.
  • Gather sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, birth dates, or system passwords.
  • Create back doors or remote entry points to allow hackers access to the system.
  • The destruction of critical data and/or corruption of system files.

The virus is limited to spread itself only by either being transmitted or sent by an unwitting user or carried on a portable storage medium from one system to another. However, if a virus gets embedded somewhere on a network share, or network drive then anyone on that network who opens or clicks on the infected file potentially can get infected as well.

Need Help:

If your computer is already infected with a virus you may not be able to install anti-virus software or probably your computer has become completely unusable. We are here to help you remove Viruses, Spyware, Trojan Horse, Malware, Worm, Rootkit, Keylogging or Adware infections. Call us, we are Virus Removal specialists, we can clean and optimize your system with no data loss ever.

Symptoms of Infection:

  • Computer runs very sluggish or slow to respond.
  • Random system lockups or crashes.
  • Browser redirection - Search results take you to websites you were not looking for.
  • Excessive number of popup windows appearing at random while surfing the Internet.
  • You get what appears to be a legit warning telling that your system has 'hundreds' of active infections and you should buy their product to remove the infections.

Install, and download the latest signature updates for your security software, and run a full scan on your system. There are a number of anti-virus / anti-spyware products on the market designed to detect and remove these types of infections. Configure your security software to perform 'active' scanning or real-time system monitoring, real-time monitoring can most of the time stop these infections before they happen.


  • Do not install software you have downloaded from the Internet unless it has come from a known, reliable source.
  • Use caution if using file sharing platforms such as LimeWire or torrent sites to download files.
  • Do not open any email attachments from unknown sources, or click on links that look suspicious.
  • Use a good anti-virus/anti-spyware application and make sure that it is configured to get the latest virus definitions at least daily. And scan your system at least weekly.
  • Be sure to visit the Microsoft update site and download all the latest Microsoft security patches.

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excellent work... Sam went above and beyond to fix me up and get me back to work. fast, prompt and they do what they promise they will do!

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