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Computer Won't Boot

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Symptom - Computer Won't Boot

If your computer or laptop continually restarts itself, doesn't load fully into the operating system or simply freezes while loading it usually indicates a crashing hard drive, corrupt operating system files, bad drivers, or virus infections. However, this type of problem can be caused by other problems such as bad memory or a failing motherboard.

Computer Won't Boot
Clean Install
Computer continually restarts  
Clean Install
Error Message While Loading  
Clean Install
Freezing/Hanging while booting  
Clean Install
Computer doesn't load to the desktop  

L.I. Computer Repair will diagnose the problem for you and suggest a remedy. The cost for this repair varies greatly, and depends on what is causing this sympton. We suggest bringing your computer to us for the free diagnostic, at which point we can get you an exact quote for the repair.


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excellent work... Sam went above and beyond to fix me up and get me back to work. fast, prompt and they do what they promise they will do!

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