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Computer Shuts Off

Overheating? Randow Shut Offs?

Symptom - Computer Overheats / Shuts off randomly

If your computer randomly shuts off it usually indicates a fan failure or motherboard issue. It might have a screw loose inside of it. It might be getting too hot. We can diagnose the problem for you, simply bring your laptop or computer to us and we’ll perform the free diagnostic and provide you with an exact quote to fix the computer.

Computer Won't Boot
Clean Install
Dust, dander and hair can clog vents  
Clean Install
Overheating can damage the Processor  
Clean Install
Fire danger exists at high temperature  
Clean Install
Cooling system failure  

L.I. Computer Repair will diagnose the problem for you and suggest a remedy. The cost for this repair varies greatly, and depends on what is causing this sympton. We suggest bringing your computer to us for the free diagnostic, at which point we can get you an exact quote for the repair.

About Cooling System
The cooling system in your computer has multiple components that are designed to transfer the heat away from the CPU and out of the computer. Over time they can easily become blocked, fans can stop spinning or get jammed and computers begin to overheat. Once they hit a critical temperature they shut off to protect from further damage
Other Hardware Failures
If the computer isn't overheating it can shut off randomly due to other hardware failures. Faulty memory chips, loose capacitors, failing hard drives and more can also cause this behavior. Our technicians will run a full diagnostic check to isolate the problem and repair your computer.

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excellent work... Sam went above and beyond to fix me up and get me back to work. fast, prompt and they do what they promise they will do!

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